Elyse Ramsey
Parker, Colorado, USA

Für Elyse is a small hobby cattery established in 2002 by Elyse (Lerner) Ramsey.

I breed to both CFA and TICA Scottish Fold breed standards with top bloodlines, Folderol, Kirriemuir and Loch Lomond.

I am a member of The International Scottish Fold Association (ISFA), Colorado Cat Fanciers (CCF), and Foot of the Rockies Cat Club (FRCC) KansasKatzClub in TICA.

To stimulate their natural Fold-affinity for human companionship and their compatibility with other species, Für Elyse kittens are raised underfoot by me with help from cat-daddy Dale, and English Bulldog Rud-EE.

Für Elyse breeders are checked for polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and osteo, as well as communicable diseases.

Kittens are placed at 14-16 weeks, after being immunized with Merial Purevax 3-in-1, getting microchipped, and being spayed or neutered.

(Kittens are scratching-post trained so that declawing is unnecessary.)

Pictured: TICA RW GC /CFA GP Furelyse Terrorista, BoB: TICA Best of Breed Scottish Fold Shorthair Alter and SW Region 12th Best Kitten and 3rd Best Alter. CFA Region 3 Best Scottish Fold Shorthair Kitten and Best Scottish Fold Shorthair.

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